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Jan 8, 2018


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First thing first, I'll like to wish you a Happy New Year 2018 !
Can we just take a moment and reflect over the fact that we are in 2018 ?! 2017 was incredible ! I did a lot of things. I've met a lot of incredible people. I've traveled to new places and lived amazing experiences. I've spread love, kindness, happiness. I grew up. I want to achieve more successful things in 2018 than I did in 2017, and I wish you do so. One of the highlights of my year was my second trip to Italy, last November. I went to Positano with my friend Eugenie. I've always wanted to visit the Amalfi coast. If you remember, it was on my 2017 travel bucket list (here). And it happened ! I decided to write a post to answer some questions if you would like to go there.

Q: Where did you stay ?
R: We stayed at Naples, because it was cheap and practical for all the daily trips we planned to do.
From Naples, you can easily travel to Capri, Pompéi, Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast. It's not far and the landscape is worth the journey.

Q: How to get to Positano ?
R: From Naples, we took the train to Sorrento, then the bus to Positano. the travel time is around 1h30. I assure you that the journey is amazing. From the bus, you can admire the amalfi coast, the colors, the houses, the cliffs, and the green roads.

Q: When do you recommend to go ?
R: We visited during November, it was a sunday, and the weather was still warm at day, but very windy at night. I also plan to go back there during summertime to live a difference experience! For my sunset lovers, make sure you get there before 4pm if you want to catch it. Don't forget to grab a bottle of wine and live the time of your life ! I also recommend you not to go on sundays because many shops were closed, and we waited for almost 1 hour to catch the bus to go back to Sorrento. Plus, the bus was so crowded that all the people who were waiting could not fit inside (but of course I did haha), they had to wait for the next one.

Q: Where can we eat ? Do you recommend a good restaurant ?
R: We had lunch at a restaurant just near the beach. it's called "Black". Apparently it is a famous one, as you acould see many famous people's pictures on the wall ! As I am living in Paris, the price was normal to me. But as I was coming from Naples, it was quite expensive. In Naples, Pizzas are around 6 euros but in Positano, they cost almost 15 euros. During our daily trips, we brought our little snacks at Naples and ate during our break. It is also a good way to save money when you travel.

Q: What activities can we do in Positano ?
R: When we arrived, we were so impressed that we started taking pictures from the top of the coast. We were so itchy to go to the beach. We walked around the city and found beauty everywhere. Positano is like a charming village, with paved roads, and flowers around every corners.

Q: What did you love about Positano ?
R: I love the legend of Positano, it is so romantic. The legend says that Neptune, the god of the seas founded Positano, because he was in love with a Nymph. I love "Love" haha ! Besides this little legend, everything was so charming here. The local people were so welcoming, and I remember an old lady who sang us a song she wrote for Positano years ago!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in french or english in the comment section. Oh and tell me, where is your next travel destination ? I am constantly looking for new places, especially in Europe.


Happy New Year

Photographers: Eugenie & Elsa
With Love, Elsa
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