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Apr 25, 2016


Hey Babes !

I'm happy to meet you again with my Monday update #3 and to keep consistency every week.
As you may know, my phone died last week and I had no choice but to wait for buying a new one.
So, from Sunday to Wednesday, I had no phone. At started, the situation really pissed me off. My
plans for the weekend were cancelled and postponed. I was so bored in the transports without listening to my music OMG ! You guys know that Music is Life ! I really felt disconnected from the world.

Instead complaining, I pulled out this book which is permanently in my bag for the "just in case" purpose... And I started reading. I felt human again. Reading has become a old-fashioned distraction. It is less and less practiced because technologies has taken over, unfortunately...
People are always on a rush. I admit that I am one. But sometimes, we need to SLOW DOWN and TAKE TIME, we need to back into reality and keep virtuality out of our lives.
Honestlty, this did me good and I was in no hurry to have my phone back (except my music lmao), but I had to.

I would love to know your thoughts on this, do you feel a phone dependency or can you live without?
Wishing you a great week, I hope you enjoyed sharing this experience with me.

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