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Jan 21, 2016

New Beginnings ♥

When I started my blog, I did so in response to a deep desire to create a space where I could express myself and be immersed in the fashion industry. I want to inspire others,  to define my dreams and go after them... Blogging has becoming my passion, something that makes me happy and where I spend a lot of time on !
Beyond blogging, I have a few other resolutions. Here's what I plan to focus on this year: 
  • Restart playing piano- When I look back at things, I feel so sad... In high school I had no more time between my exams and continue playing piano.
  • Reading more - Reading is a form of relaxation. Sometimes you just need to be away from social networks and cut off. Then, reading is there.It helps to increase concentration and is a good therapy when you want to relax yourself.
  • Pick up classes in Ballet and Jazz ! I love ballet, I has always be one of my dreams. I used to practice hip hop and r'nb, but now I want to try something different.
  • Health and Fitness: I plan to run at least once a week (on saturdays morning) and take yoga classes to regain my flexibility.
  • Plan to travel &Travel.

What goals and resolutions do you guys have?
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