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May 4, 2015

Review: Clinique 3 Steps Skin Care || My Updated Routine

Hello Flawless Beauties !!!!

With this unstable climate we have in Rouen, my skin became cray-cray !!! I had allergies, irritation and peeling.. and was very  uncomfortable with that... I didn't really had a special care adapted to my type of skin before. I used to go to the store and just buy what I could find. But I advise you to seriously take care of your skin.

Did you know that the skin reacts when it feels attacked ? Yes it does ! 
The skin needs to breathe ! I am totally against the use of a thousand and one care products on the face because I think "Less is More"! The less products you use, The more comfortable your skin will be.
 I hesitated between Clarins and care Clinique, but I finally opted for Clinique because I think it is better suited to young skin. So, I've been tested out the "3 Steps Skin Care" for 10 days.

The pack contains:

1. The Liquid Facial Soap Mild
2. The Clarifying Lotion
3. The Dramatically different moisturizing lotion +

How I use my Clinique " 3 Steps Skin Care"

Step 1: I use the liquid facial soap mild.
I moisten and gently clean with my hands.
I rinse and I dry my face with a towel
Step 2: Now I go on to the next step with the Clarifying Lotion.
I use a cotton pad to purify my face. The lotion is mentholated and gives me the feeling that it's immediately working !
Step 3: Then, I use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +.
This lotion moisturises and restores the glow of my skin days after days.
Final results !!!!
  • My dark spots are reduced days after days
  • My skin is smooth
  • My skin is clear and fresh
  • My skin regains its natural glow
  • And now I can apply my makeup
I hope you guys enjoyed this review|tutorial and hope that it was useful !
Ps: You can the kit at the Sephora's store or online here.

Lot of Love 
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