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Feb 6, 2015

Youtube: My Glam and Sophisticated makeup || Lime Crime velvetine lipstick Salem

Hey Ladies, I'm so excited to introduce my new treasure: my salem velvetine by Lime Crime.

Yes ! I'm talking about the FAMOUS, the SOPHISTICATED, and the ALWAYS-OUT-OF-STOCK Salem by Lime Crime !!! If you're addicted to makeup pictures like me on Instagram, you may have seen this sexy matte-brown-chocolate on some makeup artists like makeup shayla or ms roshposh !

Salem is a kind of lip stain or liquid lipstick which dries completely matte and look like velvet ! It's highly pigmented and lasts so long !

What I like about the Salem velvetine lipstick:
  • the brown-chocolate color
  • the velvet and matte effect
  • the high pigmentation
  • the long lasting

What I dislike about the Salem velvetine lipstick:
  • it dries the lips
  • the smell. I think it smells like a drug I used to take when I was younger :( 
  • the package. I'm not a big fan...

I did a tutorial on how I create a glam and sophisticated makeup using my salem velvetine lipstick ! Please, check it out, subscribe and thumbs up if you like :)

Lots of love and kisses.
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