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Jan 18, 2015

Nails on fleek || Ciaté Feathered Manicure || Nails Tutorial

Today is Sunday, so it's Manicure day !!!!

Have you ever looked at someone else's nails and thought, "Damn, I wanna do that or try that?" Yeah that's what happened to me...

This week went to the Sephora store, and I found manicure boxes on sale with 70% off !!! With a 70% off who will resist to a 6€ Ciaté Manicure box ? Sorry I couldn't !!! hahaha
 I also bought false nails, easy to fix, so that I could do it at home like a pro !

Who said you can't afford a great home manicure on a budget? Lemme show you how I did mine.

What I've used:
  1. Ciaté Feathered Manicure
  2. Hema 24 Oval Nails
  3. Sephora "Happy New Nails"mini nails files 
  4. Kiko nail lacquer #227

The steps :
  • Select 10 false nails that suits the size of your natural nails, and fix them with some nail glue.

  • File down the nails to the desired shape. I tried the new hype shape that I saw errrrrrywhere and I looved : the oval square ! It's fairly easy to create and doesn't look as intimidating as a stiletto nail would.

  • Now, your nails are ready to be painted ! Choose the color you want ! I've choosen kiko dark rouge noir.
  • Let's go on to the Feathered Manicure box which is sooo easy to use ! The steps are detailled in the box. You just need to lay a feather onto the nail whilst wet and cut the excess with the mini scissors.

    • Seal in the feather with a coat of transparent polish by painting from tip to cuticule.
    • Once the last coat is dry, file away the excess feather !
      Then, your nails are READY !!!

    • Hope you like this post ! Feel free to show me your manicure and tag me on yours on Instagram !

      Have a nice week.

      Smouick Smouack !

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