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Nov 3, 2014


|| Don't really know about this filter hmm.... :s ||

turned 21 on October 27th... Yes, I finally reached the adulthood !!!

I spent a crazy week !!!
I organised a "lil party" which turned into a BIG party until 5 a.m. I continued the celebrations to Paris for Halloween. Btw,I disguised myself in an little angel with pretty wings :) (I wasn't really inspired this year but I promise I'll be more creative the next time ;) )
I still remember when I was a little baby girl playing with dolls and dinnerware sets with my sister... and playstation with my brother ! lmao ( I am a big nostalgic) . I confess that I'm afraid of getting old.. I wanna be young forever ! But this is the life... We live and die and time goes on. We learn from our mistakes and try to become better people every day.

Face: Foundation and contouring routine by KIKO
Lips: Lip pencil 302 by KIKO
Eyebrows: pencil by MAC
Eyeliner: Gel liner "scandaleyes" by RIMMEL 

Blouse: PIMKIE
Earings: H&M
Shades: IAM

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." Georges Sand

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