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Oct 17, 2014

Where's Elsa ?!?

First to first, I wanna tell you that I really missed you ! I really really really missed YOU ! It's been ONE month that I haven't post something here and there. I feel sad and ashamed to have abandoned my followers. Don't be mad at me :( 

School has started and I'm very involved in my activities ... Now I can feel the real pressure of an engineering career. My weeks are very stressful and busy but I'm  having a school trip with nothing but relaxation (with a bit of party of course !) at the Saint-Hilaire de Riez beach !!!

Here are my fav' moments in the last few weeks...

  1. "On the Run Tour" in Paris was AWESOME !!! (Cameras weren't allowed in, unfortunately)
  2. My Big Bros are fresher than yours ! (Junior, Freddy, Guy-Olivier)
  3. Yaay ESIGELEC won the competition !!!
  4. The perfect imperfection bluuuuured.
  5. Shake shake shake !!! with Anthony. 
  6. Let's get Nude by Rita Ora for RIMMEL.
  7. Ralph and me.
  8. My Francklin and I :)!
  9. Testing my tripod in my new home.
  10. I Love the idea of free pianos stations."When you play, never mind who listens to you.” - Robert Schumann
  11. Family affair ! My bro, his GF, and me !
  12. Pose !
  13. Wear cheetah for fall ! Soon on the blog ;) !
Hope you like this post, and have an AWESOME weekend !!! 

Stay tuned for more... Elsy's BACK !
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