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Aug 6, 2014

New In || Black Touch

Hey Ladies,

I've been everywhere everybody knows me... lmao just singing -_-!

Ok Ladies, hope you've had a good weekend!
I come up here with some of the new things I bought these past few weeks...I think I spent most of my time doing shopping at Zara...I found out they have very good quality and affordable fragrances, as well as very beautiful accessories such as sunglasses. I never paid attention before. I've also completed my makeup collection with some MAC, KIKO and RIMMEL.
// Touch of Black Haul //
// KIKO concealer and nail polish // PIMKIE white necklace // RIMMEL gel liner //
// This fragrance is .. OMG ! Can't describe the smell, you should check it out //
// I'm in love with the details of this top //
// Bimaterial //
// Finally got my Round sunglasses //
// These shades are D O P E !!! check out the work and the details: Leather x Nickel //
// MAC DIVA lipstick //

1. Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren ( I am not a great fan of reading, but after reading Beautiful bastard, I want to read more, it's so breathless!!!)
2. Round Shades - Zara
3. Perfume - Zara woman intense ( only 5 €)
4. Gel Liner - RIMMEL "scandaleyes"
5. Concealer - KIKO
6. White Nail polish - KIKO
7. Necklace - PIMKIE
8. Lipstick - MAC "Diva"
9. Skinfinish powder - MAC
10. Eyebrows pencil - MAC
11. Top - Zara

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Paulo Coehlo

Hope you enjoyed this post !

Lots of Love

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