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Aug 21, 2014

My Daily Beauty Essentials || Skin Care || Beauty Tips


I come up with a new post, for showing my Beauty Essentials for my skin care and my face. Unless you’re one of the lucky ladies in this world to be born with flawless skin (Chanel Iman, if you read this, I'm talking to YOU ! :p ) you’ve probably struggled with skin imperfections at some point or another.


I have not often had skin problems (acne and other) ... But sometimes, I have one or two buttons (I didn't wake up flawless). I think the less you use products on you, the more the skin breathes and keeps its natural. For me, a scrub, a lotion, and a moisturizer are sufficient. No need to use more.
  • Moisturizing Cream or Crème Hydratante - Le Petit Marseillais 
  • Cleansing Scrub  or Gel nettoyant exfoliant pamplemousse rose Visibly Clear - Neutrogena
  • Cleansing Lotion or Lotion nettoyante désincrustant points noirs Visibly Clear - Neutrogena
  • Sublimating dry oil or Huile sèche sublimante - Le Petit Marseillais


I first started by using some Yves Rocher products... But I wasn't satisfied enough and I didn't see lots of results. They are essentially made from NATURAL products : it means that you have to be very patient to start to see a result... That wasn't for me...Nah !

  •  I decided to change and test the Neutrogena " crème désincrustante points noirs" or "exfoliating cream black spots"...  It WORKS ! I could clearly see the loss of black spots. Now I'm using the lotion day and night, and I loove it ! If you have an oily skin, this lotion is THE perfect one to reduce sebum. It is my fav' from the 4 !

  • The "Neutrogena gel nettoyant exfoliant" is a great refreshing and makeup remover ! I use it to remove some makeup residues.

  • I mainly use the "Le Petit Marseillais mosturizing cream" on my face before any makeup application, and on my hands, to keep them smooth and beautiful.

  • The "Le Petit Marseillais sublimating dry oil" is my body lotion. I use it for almost 7 months or something like that...My complexion glows and my skin is clear and regular.

It's your turn now !
What are YOUR Daily skin secrets ?

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