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Jul 3, 2014

Lipstick Showroom

My Dear Ladies ,

I know, I know, I've already said that before but..The summer has officially started (again) !!!
July is definitely here !!!Temperatures are up to 30°C, the sun makes us happy and what else ... ? It's summer time baby !!!

Today I feel like giving a lipstick showroom !

Lipsticks aren't only a fashion accessory that women can't live with. Women have relied them on for centuries.I'm totally in L O V E with lipsticks, they're  my fave fashion and make up accessories.
  • They make you have different expressions, 
  • You can play with them, and choose the color depending on your mood, taste or a particular event. 
  • They give you THE look even if you're simply dressed or you're not wearing any other make up,
  • They make you UNIQUE. Each woman has her preferences on the type of lipstick to choose.
OMG, you can't realize all the things you can do with lipsticks!
 Let's start the SHOW !!!

// Burgundy - Island Beauty, very chic color. Click Here for more //

// Nude 02 - SEPHORA, neutral color for everyday //

// Romantic beauty 07 - is a gift from my sister, She bought it in Cameroon //

// Ruby Woo - MAC, the One I die for , click Here for more //

// Jealous - SEPHORA, a bit similar to the Romantic beauty one but more orange //

// Violet Orchid - Island Beauty, click Here for more. Do you dare to wear violet ? //
You can also use MAC Heroine lipstick for a similar color.

// Island beauty - Wild Red  Click Here for more, I love this glossy texture. I forgot how this lipstick goes on and i can say that this inventory was very useful //

What I wear
// H&M Basics Dress - Forever 21 earrings - H&M ring //
My Make up Foundation
// Marc Jacobs Genius Gel //

Gradually as time goes, I realize that I'm very addicted to fashion and make up, and I try to realize perfect make up and share it with you. Hope you like and enjoy the sharing.

"There is no greater feeling in this world than that of being happy and content with who you are. Flaws and all." 
+Shirley B. Eniang 

What is your fav' Lipstick ?
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