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Jul 1, 2014

Feel My Summer Vibes || Beach- Sun- Music || Montpellier

Hey Ladies,

As you well know, I went to Montpellier two weeks ago. It is such a beautiful place that I recommend. I've spent an amazing trip so that I didn't really have time for blogging but I did a lot of Loookbook works. This post may be out of the main topic of my blog, but I would like to show you some memories of my beautiful trip. Stay tuned ;)

// One of my Lookbook post on a sunny day //
// The Caroussel- Place de la comédie //
// The streets //

// Cameroon was represented in the Robin Hood bar--- the Homeland //
// Young dancers paid tribute to Michael Jackson at Place de la Comédie on the 25th June//
// Spot and Lights //
// Celebration //
// Wonderful architecture - Details //
// The music festival 2014 took place at Montpellier, You can the excitement and the joy on our faces //

// And of course, we enjoyed the beach //

As I also said before, I posted many looks on Lookbook. You can check some of them below or click Here :) 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and felt my summer vibes in you. I've been up all night to edit this post, and it's 7 a.m, so I have to go to bed.

Thank You again for supporting me, I appreciate a lot. 

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